The Global Hackathon HK 2019

Mission: “The Global Hackathon” also known as (TGH) is the premier global event for developers, builders, and storytellers looking to solve global problems leveraging powerful  blockchain protocols. The series of events will take place in different cities across the globe.


This will be the first of many Global Hackathon events under our brand (TGH) “The Global Hackathon” that will be a 24 hour Hackathon within these areas: InsurTech, FinTech, Financial Services, Smart Cities, HealthTech, AI and Blockchain.

As part of this cutting edge movement, you’ll be working together with a range of students, professionals, and industry experts who share passion across these industries whom you will collaborate with to achieve success!

The Global Hackathon event will be hosted by OceanBound LLC in cities around the world in partnership with the most popular blockchain conferences.

You  will have the opportunity to turn your ideas into reality and be challenged with real problems that exist in society and the marketplace today.

You will have the chance to pitch your unique solutions to a panel of judges who are influential industry professionals.

The location is TBD – Doors open at 9 am and go till 10 pm (Snacks and Coffee will be provided to all participants)

Hackathon Roles:

  • Entrepreneur – Expertise in business and domain knowledge
  • Designer – Expertise in UI/UX and graphics design
  • Developer – Expertise in software and application development
  • Other

Composition of each team must consist of all three roles, with a team size between three and five members.


In-kind sponsorship: Crypto Invest Summit 2019


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